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Ever since I started this blog, I have been dealing with quite a number of ‘Keyboard Warriors’. These are people who hide behind their computer and phone screens, and spew vile messages online. In some way, I felt affected and was a bit down. But then it dawned on me, that these people are just projecting their cooped up anger towards me. They are more disturbed than I am.

This brings me to this segment whereby I will discuss on some useful tips on how to deal with negativity, they are as follows:

· Avoid toxic environments- For this scenario, I am focusing mainly on the people who surround you. For instance, if you are surrounded by people who regularly bring you down, your life will be constant hell. My advice is that you should find a means to get away for the sake of your sanity.

· Ignore negative sentiments- Looking past, and shrugging off negative sentiments is a wonderful option. Negative sentiments directed towards you can affect your self-esteem, and your overall productivity. Do not dwell much on what people have to say about you. As long as they are not paying your bills, their words are nothing but empty.

· Keep away from triggers- For instance, you may discover that most of the negative energy stems from a particular source like a social media platform. I would urge you to keep way. Close that account if need be. Your sanity is more important than those likes .

· Find people who build you- It is essential to surround yourself with people who positively impact your life. These people build yourself esteem which serves as an armor to protect you from all the negative energy.

· Motivate yourself- The solution to some problems can always come from within oneself. Therefore find a hobby or some activity that you enjoy. A sense of self fulfilment builds your ego, to a point whereby you can deal with negative sentiments head on. At such a point, you deem yourself invincible and nothing or no one can bring you down.

I encourage you guys to share your stories with me via email. I would be honored to hear from you.

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In this day and age of social media, having the ‘perfect’ body is in vogue. This concept of being perfect, has been created by a myriad of well-toned Instagram models who have redefined beauty in a very toxic way. The allure of them having thousand of followers has made us idolize them. We subconsciously want to live their flashy lifestyles with all the money, the cars, the fame as well as their bodies. Sadly, this idolization comes with a ton of issues one of them being body image. Body image issues take a toll on someone’s self esteem especially if you do not fit into the ideal body type.

In light of these, there are people who go to great lengths especially to try and lose weight. They do a lot of research either online or through their friends to try and lose a few pounds. Some of the research they do, make them land on dubious information. Let me take this opportunity to enlighten you my dear readers.

Here a few myths surrounding the whole concept of weight loss.

·         Starving yourself is the ultimate weight loss trick- This I may say is a total hoax. Starvation only harms the body. Yes there are people who lose weight through this method but at a great cost of their health. Some go to the extent of being hospitalized since they become severely malnourished. It is just not worth it. I recommend that you watch your potions. That is the ultimate weight loss trick.

·         Only exercise can help you lose weight- This concept is not entirely true. Exercise has to be merged with other practices. For example watching your food potions, as well as cutting back on fatty foods. There are people who exercise but still consume calories they did before. Such folks end up not making much progress.

·         Slimming pills are a great remedy towards losing weight- This notion has spread like fire since the advent of and social media. There are endless advertisements on most of these social media platforms. It is unfortunate to say that a great number of these pills are placebos, and you may end up getting conned if you purchase them. Others are black-market pills that may adversely affect your health. Please avoid them as much as possible.

·         A no-carb diet can make you lose weight- It is certainly untrue that avoiding carbs will make you lose those extra kilos. Furthermore, carbs are energy giving foods. Do not avoid them entirely. As I said before, just watch your potions.

·         Purging is the only sure way for you to slim- Purging in this context is the act of make yourself vomit after eating. Sadly this act is detrimental to your health, however, you can certainly lose weight but at very dangerous rates. Most victims are adolescent youth, who are pressured into this vice by their peers or ‘influencers’ in the print and digital media. Purging is a very common symptom of bulimia. It not only affects your physical health but also your mental state.

*Disclaimer- This article is not meant to pass judgement onto those who subscribe to the above said beliefs. Its purpose is to educate on better and safer ways of losing weight.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we should be happy with the way we look, flaws and all. Lose that weight only for you, and not some weirdly held belief that you may have heard.

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Matters relating to sexual consent has been in a hot topic in Kenya, which is my birthplace. This stems after the Court of Appeal-one of Kenya’s highest court- made a ruling which advised that the age of consent be lowered from 18 to 16. The reason for such a ruling was made in light of many men languishing in jail after impregnating teenage girls that could be considered as “adults”. These men were charge with defilement which is a serious crime in Kenya where perpetrator can garner life imprisonment.

The big question still remains, Is Kenya ready for this? Very many parents voiced their opinions online and they were furious. This is in light of a report in November 2018, that showed that 1 in every 5 girls in Kenya gets pregnant between the ages of 15 to 19. This is catastrophic for a country. It begs the question that if age of consent was lowered, how bad would the situation be?

Maybe I am jumping the gun here. Lets look at the situation objectively. What are the pros of lowering the age of sexual consent?

· Fewer people would languish in prison for defilement based charges.

On the other hand, what are the cons of lowering the age of sexual consent?

· Rise in teenage pregnancies that make many girls drop out of school so that they can raise their young

· Teenage girls who get pregnant are highly likely to develop problems during childbirth since their reproductive organs are not well developed. Complications such as fistula are more prevalent in these girls. Fistula is a hole that occurs between the vagina and rectum or bladder that is caused by prolonged obstructed labor, leaving a woman incontinent of urine, feces or both.

· Many adults would take advantage of the situation and prey on these young girls

· Rise in spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth

If and so the age of consent should be lowered, sex education as well as access to birth control should be made a priority. But is Kenya, a very conservative state ready for this?

For you my dear readers, air your thoughts by leaving a comment below.