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People say that love is blind, but sadly I have never believed that rhetoric. In my opinion, I do not see how this strong infatuation-as I call it- can possess someone to a point whereby you cannot see the ills of another. I believe giving people a pass on the wrongs they do is a choice.

Since the beginning of this year, I have witnessed 10 gruesome murders where I come from. The all had one common denominator. They were all crimes of passion. 7 of them were cases where by men butchered their wives or girlfriends, and the remaining 3 were cases whereby women killed their lovers. Reasons stemmed from alleged infidelity or money issues among other things.

I believe that there is not enough reason to end the life of another human being. In light of this I decided in my own small way to contribute by means of educating my small audience. The question is how do you recognize that you are in a toxic love affair?

Here are the 5 major red flags.

· Having a controlling partner- This is the first major red flag. There are partners to attempt to micromanage every aspect of your life. For instance, they may not allow you to wear certain kinds of clothing or even restrict you from holding any kind of job. Such control freaks become enraged whenever things are not going their way. It is wise to walk away before things escalate. Such a person is a ticking time bomb.

· Breakdown in communication- Having an open but honest dialogue with you partner is healthy in any relationship. This is because you are able to know what you partner is thinking, and how to express feelings in case you feel that you are not on the same page. Absence of communication creates a sense of distrust to either parties. In the long run, this relationship is a bother to your emotional well-being. It is not worth it.

· Neglect- It is one of the tell-tale signs that your relationship is taking a turn for the worst. There are partners who simply have pulled back and become withdrawn. They simply do not care about you anymore. Some have gone to the extent of absconding parental responsibilities in the case that you have sired children with them. This situation many of the times is salvageable, but there are instances whereby you see it useless to flog a dead horse. So you simply leave for the sake of your sanity.

· Having an abusive partner- Abuse can be physical or mental. Both forms are terrible. An abusive partner has the intent of causing harm to you. They degrade your very existence by tearing you piece by piece and they derive pleasure from it. In this case, run as fast as you can when you spot such tendencies. A leopard never changes its spots, It will take a miracle for these abusive partners to reform.

· Cheating- It is an obvious sign of toxicity in love. In my book, the act of infidelity is the greatest form of disrespect towards your partner. It shows that you do not value them, you just want to take them for a ride. Get out of such a relationship for the sake your dignity, and your mental health of course.

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