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I never understood the fuss about leading a simple life until I read a very interesting article called ‘The science of simplicity: Why successful people wear the same thing everyday’ by John Haltiwanger.  I happened to have stumble upon it by mistake, and I must say that found it to be a very interesting read.

In the article, the  author implies that we human beings waste so many precious moments by concerning ourselves with frivolous details. Frivolous details are things have no any real sense of purpose.  Myself I agree with his sentiments, largely because we tend to waste time on activities that make absolutely no sense. For instance, wasting time in the morning trying to pick out the perfect shoe for work, and yet this time could be spared for doing something constructive.

It is so sad that we have been reduced to superficiality. We care about how others perceive us so we tend to spend a large duration of our time trying to create or maintain a certain image. In real sense, what if we spent that time focusing on projects, or undertaking tasks? The impact we could make would be phenomenal. Furthermore, there are far more important things to worry about.

It is interesting how we human being spend most of our time acquiring material possessions. We crave the latest shoe design, the trendiest clothes, watches etc. But the sad truth is that they come and go. Their relevance fade with time. In the end, you will notice that you will never have achieved any sense of fulfilment. So why bother? Do not get me wrong, I am not stating that you should not indulge in worldly pleasure. All I am saying is that It is useless to focus all your time on materialistic stuff. You could for instance use such cash for activities that bring transformative results to yourself or society.

Allow me to backtrack back to the article and talk about an interesting concept brought about by the article called decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is a condition whereby productivity suffers as a result  of becoming mentally exhausted brought about by making so many irrelevant decisions. Basically, the author seems to imply that stressing over small things makes you less efficient at work. Once again, I agree with his sentiments. Reason being, I have witnessed first hand how in some instances I have focused my time and energy in tasks that were of meaningful value, to the point whereby I was too tired to execute activities that had beneficial properties to my life.

In my opinion I have found that simplicity is a sign of humility. For instance take the case of Mahatma Gandhi. He was a very importance figure in the Indian society who lived a very simple life. Humility earns you immense respect in society as well as trust from many people. In so doing, you are able to build beneficial relationships with others. Such relationships could make your life progress in ways that you could never imagine.

In summary, here are 4 major reasons why you should lead  simple life.

•To save time, and spend time on things that matter.

•Possessions are just vain, they come and go.

•To become less stressed since you do not sweat on the small life.

•As a sign of humility. Humility earns you trust, respect and can make your life progress in the right direction.

What are the other reasons why you should lead a simple life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Friendships can form bonds even stronger than that between family members. However, there comes a time when one decides to cut off toxic friends from their lives. It is an eventuality that many people have to face. Its a cycle of life.

But when do you know it is the right time to ditch these toxic friends? Here are some of the tell-tale signs.

•When friends do not add value to your life

We all have those friends who do not add any valuable input to our lives. Instead they drag you behind and in so doing, you may not realize your full potential. Kick them to the curb, you never know, it may be the best decision you’ll ever make.

•When they become disloyal

Loyalty is one of the greatest virtues appreciated in a friendship. It is a bond that bring people closer by developing a sense of trust. For instance when a friend breaks this trust either by doing shady things towards you, or talking behind your back kick them to the curb.

•Bad peer influence

This is another justifiable reason to ditch toxic friends. These ill-mannered people do nothing but add trouble to your life. Their cons out way their pros, so what’s the need to keeping such people around?

•Failure to stand with you through trying times

This is the ultimate test of friendship. A person who cannot stand with you in times of need is not truly your friend. A good friend will always be there to lend a helping hand. Be ready to cut off some friends  if they abscond you during trying times, they are not worth keeping anyway.

•When they form a habit of Keeping ‘receipts’

A friend who keeps a record of your ‘wrong-doings’ is not worth keeping. Beware of warning signs for instance, such person  unveiling intimate conversations, that are shared in confidence to the public whenever you have an altercation. Take this seriously, and ditch such a person before things turn for the worst.

This is my 2 cents on this issue. What would make you ditch a toxic friend?, let me know in the comments below.


Do you know that you can turn things that you enjoy into a thriving money making tool! It is all about playing your cards right and everything will fall into place. Afterall, It doesn't hurt to earn an extra dollar here and there!

Here are 5 ways in which you turn your hobby into a money making business.

• Create a blog

A  blog is a wonderful platform in which you can create awareness of your hobby. It is a way of letting readers know why you enjoy what you do, so that they can follow suit. Remember though to advertise via social media in order to reach a wider scope of people. Through this blog, you can create an online course as well as sell ad-space.

• Write an E-book

The digital age has been gracious to people of our generation by the mere fact that one can create an E-book to disseminate information that can reach wider audiences. You can sell your Ebook via platforms such as Amazon Kindle or even through your own website.

• Create a Youtube channel

Youtube is a great platform of letting your product or service be known. Take this platform as a chance to connect with your audience by sharing your hobby with them. Remember to be genuine though. Offer tutorials on the various hobbies you enjoy. In so doing you attract a wider audience. Youtube pays via advertisements, product sponsorships as well as per the number of views generated.

•Offer face to face lessons.

This method is essential in places where it is convenient to meet with would-be clients. It however entails coming up with a kind of syllabus which is tough. But do not despair. Obviously you make money from your clients since these lessons are charged at a fee.

• Offer consultation services

You may decide to serve as a source of information to interested parties by acting as a consultant. A consultant is basically a guide and in this case you would make a pretty good one by the fact that you have heavily invested your time in perfection of your hobby.

Do not despair if you do not make money right away. Things take time to fall in place. Patience is key. 

Leave a comment if you can, let me know of your thoughts. 


Music is food for the soul. It has such intense power that brings together people of various races and creed. Music has brought about revolutions, as well as unity in many parts of the world. On the downside it has also caused destruction as a result of people using the platform to perpetrate hatred by using vile lyrics.  

I write this article with a kind of bitterness which stems from the fact that music in this day and age has lost its footing. It is no longer palatable. Vile lyrics and distasteful music videos have dominated the airwaves. Music nowadays seems to serve the purpose of degrading, insulting, spreading hatred as well as glorifying activities such as gang violence. However,I am seeking to redefine the essence of music back to its glory days .I take this opportunity to remind people what the  purpose of music in the world is:

•To heal- Music is a platform that can be used to bring a sense of healing after a tough break up, or even the death of a loved one. It should be a place to give you hope, consolation as well as raise your spirits.

•To educate- I miss music in its glory days when it was used as a platform to educate people on various life issues. For instance, how to get over a difficult situation, how to handle loss of a loved one, how to appreciate the culture and tradition of various people across the world

•To rebuke- Music can also serve the purpose of rebuking social evils like rape, taking drugs. Sadly, nowadays, it seems that all mainstream music does is to glorify people who partake in the social evils I have mentioned earlier through vile lyrics and music videos.

•To entertain- It is not a secret that one of the purposes of releasing a record is for people to enjoy. It is meant to give people a good time, whereby they can temporarily forget about their troubles.

•To vent- Through song, one can easily vent and in so doing it can act as a form of therapy. Contemporary artists who use this method include Adele and Eminem.

•To seek forgiveness- The power of song cannot be underestimated when it comes to the purpose of asking for forgiveness. Songs can be used to admit guilt, and in so doing provide an avenue in which you can better yourself. Very few artists of our generation have mastered this craft for example the rock band Daughtry in their song 'Its not over'.

I do not intend to degrade any individual by passing judgement on their choice, and style of music. What I seek is to educate people on how to improve the quality of music they make or listen to.

Give me your thoughts my dear readers by leaving a comment below.


Laziness is a disease that plagues us all. Its negative effects take toll on our day to day lives. For instance, laziness has made me miss out on great opportunities ,lose friends as well as get in trouble. Other consequences of laziness include:

•Getting behind in paying bills

•Missing out on important meetings as well as exams

•Failing to meet deadlines

•You can as well get fired for laxity at work

Luckily, It is not inherent, it is something that we have placed upon ourselves, and therefore it can be eliminated. Eliminating laziness helps you become productive, as well as avoid the consequences that I have mentioned earlier.

Here are 5 tips on how to overcome laziness

•Plan your day- It is essential to plan your schedule on a calendar so as to know what to do, and at what time. In so doing, you won’t laze around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do.

•Set out goals- This tip is related to the first one. It is essential to know what exactly you are supposed to do. You should also know what you plan to accomplish by the end of the day. Goal setting lives minimal room to leisure around without any sense of direction.

•Find activities that interest you- It is wise to capitalize on your hobbies. Such hobbies can excite you and keep you motivated. Motivation eliminates boredom which in turn curbs laziness.

•Get out of your comfort zone- Continuous repetition of activities generates  boredom which encourages laziness. So get out of your comfort zone and try out new things. You never know, you may discover your passion which can make you anxious to wake up every morning.

•Change scenery- A change is as good as a rest. You may discover that the environment you live in harbours laziness. It is therefore essential to get out of such a situation for example by ditching friends who never seem to let you grow. These friends are a hindrance towards your potential, and instead drag you down with them.

I hope someone somewhere will find my tips useful.

I would like to hear your thoughts my dear readers. You can send an email, or you can as  well leave a comment below.


The very thought of doing an examination gives people a lot of shivers. Personally, every time an exam paper was placed upon my desk, my heart would race and I would get the sweats in all the wrong places. Thank God, I’m done with school so no more tests for me, Hurray! For those in school, worry no more, I am here at your beck and call to guide you. I will be here with you every step of the way. However, I don’t think that I am qualified enough to give you tips but as a person who has aced a lot of tests-not to brag- I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I can share with you.

The 10 tips on how to ace a test are:

•Have a study plan- This is a crucial step because it makes you organized. Essentially, you should create a time table showing what to read, and at what time. A study plan helps you to discover what you have and have not read. In so doing, you will have covered a lot of coursework thus making you ready for that exam.

•Avoid distractions- It is very essential for you to avoid people or activities that will sway your mind from your studies. In so doing, you become focused with all your concentration towards passing that test.

•Take short notes as you study- This method is one of my favourites. As you take notes, you increase your chances of comprehension. You are also more likely to remember what you wrote down which is an important thing when tackling a test.

•Create mnemonics- A mnemonic is a tool that helps you remember. It can be a rhyme, a phrase, an acronym, or a song that helps you to remember certain concepts. You will thank me later after passing that exam!

•Stop last minute studying- Procrastination is a disease that plagues most learners. A good number of us keep putting things off till the last minute. Unfortunately studying at the last minute makes you confused since you cannot grasp all the concepts in a limited time frame. In the long run you find yourself unprepared for that test. Word of advice, is that you should start study from the onset of the semester to give yourself ample time to prepare for a test.

•Take practise tests- A practice test gets you ready because it mimics the scenario of the forthcoming exam. These tests can help you identify probable questions that may come in the exam.

•Revise past papers- In school, there is a tendencies of some teachers ‘recycling’ old examinations. In the end you may discover that the questions in the past papers from the previous years, will be found in your present examination. That would be a plus for you if you had gone through such papers. Past papers also make you familiarize with the way certain tutors ask their examinations. That would definitely be a plus for you.

•Ask questions- Seeking clarification by asking questions is a good way to improve your understanding of various concepts. When you understand them, you will find the exam very easy to do.

•Sleep early on the day prior to the test- A good night’s rest makes you refreshed and ready to sit the exam with confidence.

•Keep your self calm and collected before, and as you sit the exam- It is essential to keep your nerves in check to keep yourself from panicking. Panicking can make you forget all that you have learnt. It can make you fail the exam miserably. Remember to take a breath when faced with tough questions. You can as well leave such questions for a while and come back to them when you mind is clearer.

I hope that I have assisted someone through the tips I have listed above. Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.


Ever since I started this blog, I have been dealing with quite a number of ‘Keyboard Warriors’. These are people who hide behind their computer and phone screens, and spew vile messages online. In some way, I felt affected and was a bit down. But then it dawned on me, that these people are just projecting their cooped up anger towards me. They are more disturbed than I am.

This brings me to this segment whereby I will discuss on some useful tips on how to deal with negativity, they are as follows:

· Avoid toxic environments- For this scenario, I am focusing mainly on the people who surround you. For instance, if you are surrounded by people who regularly bring you down, your life will be constant hell. My advice is that you should find a means to get away for the sake of your sanity.

· Ignore negative sentiments- Looking past, and shrugging off negative sentiments is a wonderful option. Negative sentiments directed towards you can affect your self-esteem, and your overall productivity. Do not dwell much on what people have to say about you. As long as they are not paying your bills, their words are nothing but empty.

· Keep away from triggers- For instance, you may discover that most of the negative energy stems from a particular source like a social media platform. I would urge you to keep way. Close that account if need be. Your sanity is more important than those likes .

· Find people who build you- It is essential to surround yourself with people who positively impact your life. These people build yourself esteem which serves as an armor to protect you from all the negative energy.

· Motivate yourself- The solution to some problems can always come from within oneself. Therefore find a hobby or some activity that you enjoy. A sense of self fulfilment builds your ego, to a point whereby you can deal with negative sentiments head on. At such a point, you deem yourself invincible and nothing or no one can bring you down.

I encourage you guys to share your stories with me via email. I would be honored to hear from you.

Have a lovely day!


In this day and age of social media, having the ‘perfect’ body is in vogue. This concept of being perfect, has been created by a myriad of well-toned Instagram models who have redefined beauty in a very toxic way. The allure of them having thousand of followers has made us idolize them. We subconsciously want to live their flashy lifestyles with all the money, the cars, the fame as well as their bodies. Sadly, this idolization comes with a ton of issues one of them being body image. Body image issues take a toll on someone’s self esteem especially if you do not fit into the ideal body type.

In light of these, there are people who go to great lengths especially to try and lose weight. They do a lot of research either online or through their friends to try and lose a few pounds. Some of the research they do, make them land on dubious information. Let me take this opportunity to enlighten you my dear readers.

Here a few myths surrounding the whole concept of weight loss.

·         Starving yourself is the ultimate weight loss trick- This I may say is a total hoax. Starvation only harms the body. Yes there are people who lose weight through this method but at a great cost of their health. Some go to the extent of being hospitalized since they become severely malnourished. It is just not worth it. I recommend that you watch your potions. That is the ultimate weight loss trick.

·         Only exercise can help you lose weight- This concept is not entirely true. Exercise has to be merged with other practices. For example watching your food potions, as well as cutting back on fatty foods. There are people who exercise but still consume calories they did before. Such folks end up not making much progress.

·         Slimming pills are a great remedy towards losing weight- This notion has spread like fire since the advent of and social media. There are endless advertisements on most of these social media platforms. It is unfortunate to say that a great number of these pills are placebos, and you may end up getting conned if you purchase them. Others are black-market pills that may adversely affect your health. Please avoid them as much as possible.

·         A no-carb diet can make you lose weight- It is certainly untrue that avoiding carbs will make you lose those extra kilos. Furthermore, carbs are energy giving foods. Do not avoid them entirely. As I said before, just watch your potions.

·         Purging is the only sure way for you to slim- Purging in this context is the act of make yourself vomit after eating. Sadly this act is detrimental to your health, however, you can certainly lose weight but at very dangerous rates. Most victims are adolescent youth, who are pressured into this vice by their peers or ‘influencers’ in the print and digital media. Purging is a very common symptom of bulimia. It not only affects your physical health but also your mental state.

*Disclaimer- This article is not meant to pass judgement onto those who subscribe to the above said beliefs. Its purpose is to educate on better and safer ways of losing weight.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we should be happy with the way we look, flaws and all. Lose that weight only for you, and not some weirdly held belief that you may have heard.

Leave a comment so I can know your thoughts on this issue.


People say that love is blind, but sadly I have never believed that rhetoric. In my opinion, I do not see how this strong infatuation-as I call it- can possess someone to a point whereby you cannot see the ills of another. I believe giving people a pass on the wrongs they do is a choice.

Since the beginning of this year, I have witnessed 10 gruesome murders where I come from. The all had one common denominator. They were all crimes of passion. 7 of them were cases where by men butchered their wives or girlfriends, and the remaining 3 were cases whereby women killed their lovers. Reasons stemmed from alleged infidelity or money issues among other things.

I believe that there is not enough reason to end the life of another human being. In light of this I decided in my own small way to contribute by means of educating my small audience. The question is how do you recognize that you are in a toxic love affair?

Here are the 5 major red flags.

· Having a controlling partner- This is the first major red flag. There are partners to attempt to micromanage every aspect of your life. For instance, they may not allow you to wear certain kinds of clothing or even restrict you from holding any kind of job. Such control freaks become enraged whenever things are not going their way. It is wise to walk away before things escalate. Such a person is a ticking time bomb.

· Breakdown in communication- Having an open but honest dialogue with you partner is healthy in any relationship. This is because you are able to know what you partner is thinking, and how to express feelings in case you feel that you are not on the same page. Absence of communication creates a sense of distrust to either parties. In the long run, this relationship is a bother to your emotional well-being. It is not worth it.

· Neglect- It is one of the tell-tale signs that your relationship is taking a turn for the worst. There are partners who simply have pulled back and become withdrawn. They simply do not care about you anymore. Some have gone to the extent of absconding parental responsibilities in the case that you have sired children with them. This situation many of the times is salvageable, but there are instances whereby you see it useless to flog a dead horse. So you simply leave for the sake of your sanity.

· Having an abusive partner- Abuse can be physical or mental. Both forms are terrible. An abusive partner has the intent of causing harm to you. They degrade your very existence by tearing you piece by piece and they derive pleasure from it. In this case, run as fast as you can when you spot such tendencies. A leopard never changes its spots, It will take a miracle for these abusive partners to reform.

· Cheating- It is an obvious sign of toxicity in love. In my book, the act of infidelity is the greatest form of disrespect towards your partner. It shows that you do not value them, you just want to take them for a ride. Get out of such a relationship for the sake your dignity, and your mental health of course.

What are your thoughts on this article? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you.


‘How I am I going to get by this month?’ is a very common phrase where I come from. Yes, I know we live in tough economic times with high unemployment, and meager wages. However, that does not mean that you cannot find a means to circumvent this. I will begin this article with a narrative.

An year ago, I was in a bind economically. I did have a job back that paid decently. However, without proper planning, I found myself overspending and was frequently behind in paying bills. Luckily, it never got the point whereby I was kicked out of my house, Thank God. But It was not until I found myself not being able to purchase some over the counter drug medication that I got my wake up call. Enough was enough. I sat myself down with pen and paper, and decided to draft a list writing down necessities and cutting out unnecessary items. On this note, I would like to share 6 tips that I have discovered along the way that would guide you my dear readers on how to live on a budget.

· Draft a budget list- This is the first tip. Take out your pen and paper and list what you want starting with the most to the least essential. This action will make you have a clear outline on the exact amount of money to spend. This list will also guide you in separating your needs from your wants. Remember that needs are things you cannot live without, while wants are more or less luxuries.

· Only bite not more than you can chew- It basically means that you should live within your means. Do not spend money on items that you know you cannot afford because you will just rake up unnecessary debts. Repaying these debts is a burden since it take a toll on your income. You might find yourself without money to buy necessities.

· Avoid impulse buying- Impulse buying is a disease that plagues most of us. However, the most effective remedy to this problem comes from within, its all about having self-discipline. The art of self-discipline makes you control of your actions; for instance, you will stick to your budget, and resist temptation.

· Cut back items/activities that are unnecessary- There are quite a number of items and activities that you can forgo since they are more or less a luxury. For instance, you can reduce the number of times you go out clubbing in a month. In do doing, you will find yourself having huge savings that you can redirect to other important ventures.

· Disposing items for example by selling them- I am very sure that there are quite a number of items like clothes you do not wear anymore or electronics you do not use in your house. Such items are a menace but you can sell them online through Ebay or garage sales to generate extra income. Such income can be very resourceful to your monthly budget.

· Save- I cannot stress how important savings are. Savings are important since they can serve as an emergency kitty instead of borrowing money. Remember that borrowing leads to unnecessary costs that can strain your budget.

Challenge yourself my dear readers by adhering to the 6 essential tips I have written above. I really would love to hear from you. Be free to share with me some additional tips I may have left out. My email is at

Thank you!


Earlier this year, I thought that I had hit rock bottom. Being unemployed and broke really took a toll on me. I was very depressed and basically felt like a total failure. I found myself losing interest in most things I enjoyed doing. However, I sprung back to my feet though it was tough at first. My recovery has made me obliged to share a few pointers to help someone going through a similar situation.

· Take a breather- This is foremost the most important tip. It is good to take a step back away from everything to clear your mind. Take this period to evaluate and decide what you want to do, and how you are going to do it.

· Never look back at past failures-This is a step in the right direction towards moving on. Past mishaps have a way of taking toll on your esteem. Therefore in order to improve your self worth forget about them, after all living in the past is very unhealthy.

· Avoid toxic environments- A toxic environment can include people who drag you down. Such people are obstacles towards your self improvement. They basically contribute nothing of substance to your life, some in fact put you down thereby affect your self esteem. Word of advice, cut them off from your life if possible!

· Try out new ideas- It doesn’t hurt to try out something new. Most probably your old ways of doing things were the largest contributors to your past failures. This new concept of doing something new and different would be a stepping stone to your success. A successful venture has an overall effect of boosting your morale. You yearn to do more every other day!

· Speak out- A problem shared, is a problem half solved. There is no shame in sharing your problems with a close friend. As a matter of fact, this friend of yours may end up giving you wise solutions that could get you out of your tough situation. The relief speaking up is also therapeutic.

· Seeking professional help if necessary- Consulting a trained professional is not a bad idea especially for those undergoing depression. Such a person has all the necessary training to assist you to get the root cause of your problem. In so doing, you can get a solution that will help you view yourself in a different light. A positive perception of oneself is a great morale boost.

In light of this, I would like to propose a 15 day challenge to you my dear readers. For the first 5 days, take this opportunity to write down all that is wrong with you life, and how it makes you feel. Do not hold back anything.

In the next 5 days, take a break. After the break, take another 5 days to map out possible solutions. I am certain that you will get something positive out this experience.

I would sincerely love to get some feed back from you my concerned readers. You can reach me through my email at

Have a lovely day!