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Do you know that you can turn things that you enjoy into a thriving money making tool! It is all about playing your cards right and everything will fall into place. Afterall, It doesn't hurt to earn an extra dollar here and there!

Here are 5 ways in which you turn your hobby into a money making business.

• Create a blog

A  blog is a wonderful platform in which you can create awareness of your hobby. It is a way of letting readers know why you enjoy what you do, so that they can follow suit. Remember though to advertise via social media in order to reach a wider scope of people. Through this blog, you can create an online course as well as sell ad-space.

• Write an E-book

The digital age has been gracious to people of our generation by the mere fact that one can create an E-book to disseminate information that can reach wider audiences. You can sell your Ebook via platforms such as Amazon Kindle or even through your own website.

• Create a Youtube channel

Youtube is a great platform of letting your product or service be known. Take this platform as a chance to connect with your audience by sharing your hobby with them. Remember to be genuine though. Offer tutorials on the various hobbies you enjoy. In so doing you attract a wider audience. Youtube pays via advertisements, product sponsorships as well as per the number of views generated.

•Offer face to face lessons.

This method is essential in places where it is convenient to meet with would-be clients. It however entails coming up with a kind of syllabus which is tough. But do not despair. Obviously you make money from your clients since these lessons are charged at a fee.

• Offer consultation services

You may decide to serve as a source of information to interested parties by acting as a consultant. A consultant is basically a guide and in this case you would make a pretty good one by the fact that you have heavily invested your time in perfection of your hobby.

Do not despair if you do not make money right away. Things take time to fall in place. Patience is key. 

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Earlier this year, I thought that I had hit rock bottom. Being unemployed and broke really took a toll on me. I was very depressed and basically felt like a total failure. I found myself losing interest in most things I enjoyed doing. However, I sprung back to my feet though it was tough at first. My recovery has made me obliged to share a few pointers to help someone going through a similar situation.

· Take a breather- This is foremost the most important tip. It is good to take a step back away from everything to clear your mind. Take this period to evaluate and decide what you want to do, and how you are going to do it.

· Never look back at past failures-This is a step in the right direction towards moving on. Past mishaps have a way of taking toll on your esteem. Therefore in order to improve your self worth forget about them, after all living in the past is very unhealthy.

· Avoid toxic environments- A toxic environment can include people who drag you down. Such people are obstacles towards your self improvement. They basically contribute nothing of substance to your life, some in fact put you down thereby affect your self esteem. Word of advice, cut them off from your life if possible!

· Try out new ideas- It doesn’t hurt to try out something new. Most probably your old ways of doing things were the largest contributors to your past failures. This new concept of doing something new and different would be a stepping stone to your success. A successful venture has an overall effect of boosting your morale. You yearn to do more every other day!

· Speak out- A problem shared, is a problem half solved. There is no shame in sharing your problems with a close friend. As a matter of fact, this friend of yours may end up giving you wise solutions that could get you out of your tough situation. The relief speaking up is also therapeutic.

· Seeking professional help if necessary- Consulting a trained professional is not a bad idea especially for those undergoing depression. Such a person has all the necessary training to assist you to get the root cause of your problem. In so doing, you can get a solution that will help you view yourself in a different light. A positive perception of oneself is a great morale boost.

In light of this, I would like to propose a 15 day challenge to you my dear readers. For the first 5 days, take this opportunity to write down all that is wrong with you life, and how it makes you feel. Do not hold back anything.

In the next 5 days, take a break. After the break, take another 5 days to map out possible solutions. I am certain that you will get something positive out this experience.

I would sincerely love to get some feed back from you my concerned readers. You can reach me through my email at

Have a lovely day!